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Fused with soulful melodies, jazz overtones, and rhythmic hip hop drums, the sounds of Chic Loren brings a refreshing perspective into the world of R&B. Growing up with a singing mother & a music enthusiast of a father, Chic was exposed to various styles of music, like the grit of Mary J Blige, street sounds of Biggie Smalls, & the melodic musings of the Isley Bros.

Although Chic grew up singing in churches in Utah and South Carolina she didn't find her true voice until later. While in college, she found herself writing poetry as a way to cope during difficult times. Shortly, she began incorporating her shy soprano vocals into her lyrics and her journey of songwriting was born. Chic began writing for local artists in North Carolina and started recording music of her own.

Atlanta is where Chic began to spread her wings. Experiences like singing background for recording artists and touring the country exposed her to a new existence. She later co-founded a performance platform for independent artists called 3 Shades of Soul at Aisle 5, in historic Little 5 Points.

Even more driven than before, Chic released her energetic anthem, “In Your Bag” at the top of 2021. She’s an artist at HRDRV, the first indie label of its kind to offer top tier subscription based services, industry opportunities, and most importantly, community. Hitting us with lyrics like, “It’s a pandemic, you winning, girl keep your spirit up,” Chic is determined now more than ever to win.


Chic Loren - In Your Bag

Chic Loren - In Your Bag

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