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If Calum Scott, Radiohead and Josh Groban had a love child, they would probably sound a bit like Jacre, but a) be younger and b) need life-long therapy!

Jacre is the artist name for British singer/songwriter Julian Ransom. It's pronounced "Jayker".

Julian had a long career in music, both writing and performing, back in the late 80's and through the 90's, including writing and staging three full musicals. He then took a long break from music to concentrate on his business, and started writing again in late 2019.

He is now releasing singles every 2-4 weeks, in a variety of genres from Indie-Folk through to Progressive House, and is is incredibly lucky to be working with some amazing producers and co-writing/collaborating with some very talented artists.

Jacre - A Place You'll Never Go (Official Video)

Jacre - A Place You'll Never Go (Official Video)