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We're so excited to announce the launch of HRDRV+ (previously "HRDRV TV"). This platform is home to original movies, music videos, TV shows, animations and more from our community.

The videos on your HRDRV+ channel will automatically be considered for our Roku and Amazon Fire TV channels. The streams are monetized, and after $100 threshold, you will begin receiving payouts quarterly. The profit share is 70% in your favor, and HRDRV receives 30%.

In order to claim a channel you must have the following:

- At least 1 professional music video completed (lyric videos, short films, animations accepted)

- At least 1 single or album released through HRDRV (or upcoming HRDRV release)

- There is a one-time $99 fee to set up your channel (all video uploads to your HRDRV+ channel and our partner channels will be FREE for you, forever)


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