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Luna Byrd is a proud Afro-Latina woman who is leading R&B into bold new territory, Luna effortlessly blends Dominican and Haitian sounds with soul infused pop to create a style that transcends genres and cultures. With the release of her debut single Kick It With Me, Luna has only now begun to spread her wings, and there is no telling where her limitless potential might take her.

Raised in NYC, Luna was shaped by the infinite sounds and styles that defined the city. Her introduction to the music industry came when she landed a backstage gig at a Justin Bieber concert. The electricity of the atmosphere hooked her. She went on to spend several years working behind the scenes in both the American and South Korean music scenes, as production assistant, social media marketer, and assistant artist care manager but deep down, she knew she was meant for the stage.

Luna is ready to introduce herself to the world with a series of singles that define everything she does best. Fearlessly tackling difficult subject matter while retaining an undeniable pop sensibility, these songs are the perfect introduction to an artist who may one day change the way a generation of music fans think about R&B. Luna has been featured in publications: Elevator Magazine, She Buzzin Magazine and Vibes Magazine, garnering the attention of stations all around the globe such as: Tribe Urban Radio, Gfm Radio and Worldwide FM.

Luna Byrd

Luna Byrd

Lie To Me came to be while I was in a toxic relationship; I wrote the song while I was in love with someone who I knew wasn't any good for me. More than anything, although it was rocky I wanted the relationship to work out because I told myself I was content with just being with them. I wanted to write about that time because sometimes you aren’t the strong one, sometimes you have to learn how to be strong, and that experience made me stronger; I just wanted to show the steps I had to take in order to get there because it isn’t always pretty.

I hope this song resonates to the people who are fighting for love, those that are currently happily in love, and those blinded by love.

I wanted whoever saw the video to physically see the “Internal conflict”. The video almost looks like you’re peering inside my mind; You’re hearing and seeing the back and forth conversation I’m having with myself. The elements of the video represent loneliness, emptiness, and pain. My hope for the video is that whoever sees it is touched by those feelings.

Click here to listen to the single.



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